Top 5 Barcelona clubs

There is a much scope for partying in the best clubs in Barcelona and the cost is very reasonable compared to other places. Let’s check out few of the best places all over Barcelona to plan our next trip. Here we go.

Most happening places:

  1. Sala Razzmatazz

Why visit? : we can have a great time of listening some quality music here if some is a great music lover and even wants to enjoy night life this is the best place.
How is it? : It is a great place to hangout. This place makes us forget everything and enjoy its each part by forgetting yourself and rest of the world.
What Kind of music is played? : As we know party lovers and the people who like to enjoy nightlife tend to give much importance to music and space. So, this place serves us with music like pop, rock and electronic music. Even artists are given equal importance here.
Tips: as it is a very large area and all cabinet it’s better to keep yourself safe.
Cost: Entrance usually costs 8-15 Euros and serves a drink along. We can book in advance to save money. Wednesday nightclub is free of entry cost till 1:30.

  1. Hotel Omm

Why visit? : It is a classy stay for visitors with pub and it is out of the city.
How is it? : All young and stylish people visit this night club and the Barcelona club is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Omm. After they started this pub it hit the chart as it’s a most happening place.
What Kind of music is played? : they always plan to do something new and out of the box every time for this they invite many DJs from all over the world and yet keep the entry free for the visitors.
Tips: must check out for music at this place as they have a really good collection.
Cost: there is no entry cost for the visitors; they are all free to move in until 2 at night and sign up is must at this place.

  1. Club Otto Zutz

Why visit? : It is the best place to experience Los Altos and it is most conceptualized place or pub.
How is it? : It promotes a rich life party way, it is at Garcia. Many international tourists are found and it has a beach club too. There is even a club at top floor for people who love extreme partying.
What Kind of music is played? : They play hip hop, r&b, commercial music and up of all it promotes the local DJs available there
Tips: Consider the bottle services offered by them and be dressed out correctly
Cost: Guests are allowed freely till 1 at night that too only girls and coming to boys its 12 euro’s with a drink till 2 at night. Normal entrance is 20 Euros with 2 drinks and then the bottle service comes at the cost of 130 Euros.

  1. Input-dancing Club

Why visit? : It is the best place to enjoy some thematic music all over and to get peace of mind.
How is it? : This Barcelona Club has a good sound system and led TVs. It is located at a place called Poble Espanyol. It has an underground music system which is electric.
What Kind of music is played? : Electric music is played much in this place and top artists are called if we are booking this area for any event.
Tips: check reckons on every Friday for not to be missed few awesome underground acts.
Cost: we can buy tickets by checking the events beforehand to reduce the expense or it depends from 5-15 Euros for the night.

  1. Elrow Barcelona

Why visit? : This is the most happening place throughout all clubs in Barcelona. That after getting in we will not have fun.
How is it? : There is a very big outdoors dance space and the moment we enter in there is going to be fun-filled surprise by few amazingly talented artists throughout. We can just forget the stress and live to the fullest here.
What Kind of music is played? : it is a complete half-day dancing club where we get to listen to music and dance for 12 hours completely. Including this, there is a special feature over here that there are all trained musicians here and this club doesn’t compromise on energy levels at all.
Tips: here the parties are celebrated theme wise.
Cost: 25-40 Euros per night and can be less by booking in advance at Barcelona clubs.